Share Selfies from your cell – live via projector
Send mobile photos to the screen
The Clubwall – send party photos from mobile phone to projector
Send party photos from mobile phone to projector

Live photo slideshow: The Selfiewall / Clubwall gets party photos and messages from smartphones and shows them live via a video system, projector and screen at:

    • halloween parties
    • christmas parties
    • new years eve parties
    • festivals and concerts
    • student parties
    • private parties
    • weddings
    • birthday parties
    • class reunion
    • parties in clubs
    • parties in discos
    • corporate parties
    • trade fairs
    • public events

Now your guests can send photos and text messages from their mobile straight to the Selfiewall / Clubwall for everyone to see. And everyone at the party is invited to take photos of the party and their friends and to send them to the screen. To join in the fun, all your party guests need is the free Selfiewall / Clubwall messenger (available for iPhones and Android smartphones). The event admin receives all the photos and texts through the Selfiewall / Clubwall software and then beams them onto the event screen.

Show party photos live via projector
Clubwall, selfiewall, post party photos from mobile phone to the screen
Send party photos from mobile phone to projector

The Selfiewall ® / Clubwall ® Messenger for party goers – the free app for iPhones and Android smartphones:

Those who want to join in, download the free Selfiewall / Clubwall messenger onto their smartphone using the QR code or the URL or

Download the free Selfiewall messenger Download the free Clubwall messenger

If you have any questions about the product, we are glad to help. Call us or send us an email.

Selfiewall / Clubwall highlights
Clubwall, selfiewall, post party photos from mobile phone to the screen
Send party photos from mobile phone to projector
  • Send your own mobile photos and messages to the screen
  • Selfiewall / Clubwall works worldwide
  • Spontaneous and anonymous: no registration
  • Admin tool: photos and messages can be screened and approved – and there are many other individual settings (design, approval, etc.)
  • The name "Clubwall" or "Selfiewall" can be chosen to fit the event
  • Free Selfiewall / Clubwall messenger for your guests
  • One app lets you take part in all Clubwalls / Selfiewalls
  • Feedback channel from event organiser to the participants: the organiser can send messages to the guests
  • All posted messages (photos and texts) can be read in the app
  • Users stay in touch even after the event is finished and can send and read messages and pictures in the app – and use freely chosen #hashtags
  • No costs for the guest / participant
  • No advertising in the messenger app
  • Web-based solution with online access works worldwide, apart from a laptop with internet access and a projector there is no need for any additional hardware

Photos and text messages created and sent by people at the event make for exciting personal content. Now everyone can share their own personal party impressions up on the screen, making the Clubwall / Selfiewall a fun and exciting focal point at every party.

Order Selfiewall / Clubwall now

Selfiewall / Clubwall is ready for your party! Register a Selfiewall / Clubwall for your public event, festival, private party, new years eve party, wedding, birthday party, christmas party, class reunion, corporate party, club or disco right now. It works worldwide. Please use the order form or send us an email to with your inquiry and order details.

Choose a name for your Selfiewall / Clubwall (if it is still available). It should be short and easy to remember. The people at your event use this name as the identifier to send photos and messages to your Selfiewall / Clubwall. The #hashtag is shown on the top left of the Selfiewall / Clubwall (max. 8 characters, not counting #). The #hashtag cannot be changed after posting. Each #hashtag can only be linked once per session.

*Booking start:

*Price: € 59.00 for a single event (48h)
€ 79.00 for 1 week
€ 109.00 for 1 month
€ 149.00 for 3 months
€ 199.0 for 6 months
€ 259.00 for 9 months
€ 329.00 for 1 year

* boxes must be filled in. VAT reg. no. is only for companies in the EU.

All prices are valid for 1 #hashtag. The period of use begins with the selected booking start date. Time for processing and activation of the account: ca. 1 working day. You pay with Paypal or credit card.

Decide which name fits your event: "Selfiewall" or "Clubwall". As the admin, you can choose if you would like to have "Selfiewall" (private parties, weddings, student parties, birthday parties, festivals, public events, ...) or "Clubwall" (discos, clubs, ...). This choice is included in the package.

After registration and payment you will receive a confirmation from us via email (processing time ca. 1 working day). Access to Selfiewall / Clubwall, instructions on how to set it up, tips on the use of the software and the bill will all be sent to you via email.

The Selfiewall / Clubwall admin (party organizer) is the first one to see all of the images and messages. This person controls the quality of the images and approves them before they go to the projector. Images and messages that should not be shown can be deleted.

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Clubwall, selfiewall, send party photos from mobile phone to the screen
Send party photos from mobile phone to projector